ACME Woodturning
Keep trying.  There is a lot of wood out there. 
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This is very un-interesting page.  I don't think that you should come to this page at all.  You can use the heirarchical menu on the "Pipes" button to navigate to the different content pages to look at pipes.  Now I know that people like to click around, but I can't spend all of my time catering to you.  I have been down in the shop working on pipes and it really comes down to this, do you want to click around on this plain-jane website and get to look at pipes that I have made, or do you want to see some really whiz-bank site with no pipes on it?
However, just in case you have insisted on navigating to this page, here are some links:
There is actually going to be some more of thiese pages later, but I am down in the shop trying to make some more of them.
Do we need to make any more entertainment or can we get on with it?  I could put some pictures of my cat on this page.  He's outside looking for something to bite.  When he comes back in I'll dig out the camera just for you.  Have you considered going on a trip.  Trips take time and will keep you occupied.  Course then you will be bothering someone else who probably would rather be doing something else.  Here, call this guy.  He always wants to talk with someone.  913-530-7363  Guy's name is Bill.  He has seasonal work, and is going to be lonely all Winter.