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This pipe has a flaw.  The plateau was a little deeper than I had presumed when turning the air chamber, so when I removed the bark, there was a small hole into the air chamber - you can see it in the bottom view on the next page which will open if you click on the picture above.  I made a repair by soaking a couple of layers of paper towel in black epoxy and laying them inside the chamber.  I know the repair works, as I first tested it on previous pipes.  I smoked the first such a one about eight months before someone bought it from me.  At any rate, it has a money back gaurantee, and it is a chance for someone to try out a second chamber pipe for cheaper than normal.  sold 
This shape is the second volcano that I have made.  I did a lot of things here that I have not done before.  I let the bowl follow the flairing grain.  I did not originally intend to make the pipe so tall, but couldn't bring myself to shorten it.  It is a pretty good sized pipe, and is heavier than many that I have made.  Because the second chamber is hollow, most of the weight is in the front of the pipe, and it feels good in the hand.  It probably isn't a pipe to clench in one's teeth.  The color is intentionally shaded lighter towards the ope of the bowl as I fancied a volcano being hotter as one approached the caldera.  The bottom is a broad expanse of plateau.  The tobacco chamber makes this pipe a stack.  7 inches long and 3.75 inches tall.  The tobacco chamber is 2.28 inches deep and 0.79 inches in diameter.  The cap is made of Ebonite and the stem is Lucite.  sold 
This is another nifty thing I tried out.  (Don't tell me it ain't nifty.)  I cut a pattern on the front-left side of the pipe and filled it with an epoxy.  (I did too do it on purpose.  That makes it art!)  I had done it before on a ballarina.  Made it look like shoe laces, but I left the design as a groove and colored it black.  This one I colored the epoxy brown and then sanded it down flush.  (Of course this one doesn't look like shoe laces - the pipe doesn't look like a shoe, either.  You wouldn't put shoe laces on something that didn't look like a shoe!  Heck I don't know what it looks like.  It is just a design.  It's art I tell ya.)  The cap that fits into the shank is made out of a re-purposed corporate award and is clear.  The stem is made out of lucite.  (Yeah, there were a couple of pits, and I cut them out when I cut the design, but it ain't like the whole design is there coverin' up.  It's like one of the connect-the-dot pictures we used to do as kids.  It still art, I tell ya.  Any more of this and you're going to hurt my feelings.  I might say things about your parentage.)  This is the first one of thiese pipes that I made with a traditional natural edge.  It is 5.625 inches long and 2.75 inches tall.  The tobacco chamber is 1.95 inches deep and .85 inches wide.  (I still think that it is art.)  450.00