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This is a tough page to construct as I have made bazzilions of tampers.  Only a few of the types and materials are represented here.  What I have in stock fluctuates depending on if I have just returned from a show or am in preparation to going.  At least, here are some examples.  If you see a material or shape you like, or can think of most any other idea, feel free to let me know your preference.
This is the standard fare.  They are intended to be functional with just a little bit more.  They are generally the size of the aluminum pipe nail that you can get for a buck.  This are mostly of all of a similar style.  Perhaps I will get some more made and put up another picture of some other shapes that I commonly make.
From left to right; Bloodwood, Pink Ivory, East Indian Rosewood, Yellowheart, Black Palm, Olive, I don't remember.
These sell for 15.00
These are really the ones that I like to make the most.  I like the material and I like the rings.  I bet they are a conversation starter.  The larger loops are captive rings and are loose on the stems.  The three on the left are made out of Oozic (fossilized walrus penis bone) and the one on the right is made of wooly mammoth ivory.
These are the worry stone tampers.  They are intended to feel good to hold.  From the left; the first, third and forth are wooly mammoth ivory, the second is some kind of bovine horn that I never did learn the type of, and the right-most is briar.